Here are the different types of Volleyball
Classes, Clinics, Camps, Lessons

2018 Youth & Junior Fall Rec Leagues

Fall Jr HS Volleyball Class

2018 Fall Jr HS and HS Sunday Training Session 

Pre Club Tryout Training Clinics

2018 Holiday Volleyball Camps
Youth, Junior

Private and Small group lessons

Fall Jr HS and HS 
Sunday Training Session

The Courts in Beaverton
2018 Fall Training Sessions registration is up and running! 
2018 Dates are here!! 
Check out the dates below & register today!

12under All skills Clinics
This will be footwork skills and movements. Lots of ball control skills (passing and setting). Lots of Hitting and Serving and Lots of Pass Set Hits drills...... 
NO game situations
Dates are Sept 30th, October 7th, 14th, 21st

14's Sunday Sessions
All 4 Sessions     Passing/Defense and Setting Sessions
Each session will be lots of ball contacts. Working on Footwork and movements.
Sept 30 only
Oct 7th only
Oct 14th only
Oct 21st only

All 4 Sessions      Outside Hitter and Middle Hitter Session
Work on Basic approaches, Transitions movements​, Out of system balls
Will combine groups during the sessions and do some game situation drills, No games.
Sept 30th only
Oct 7th only
Oct 14th only
Oct 21st only 
Dates are Sept 30th, October 7th, 14th, 21st

High School Sunday Sessions
​Setting for Setters
Movements, Play sets

Outside and Right Side Hitting
Lots of swings, Transitions, Backrow, Play sets

Middle Hitting
Quality Footwork moves, Hitting play sets, Transition plays

Passing and Defense
Non Setters, Passing, Movements, Digging, Pursuit skills

Groups will combine at the end of each session for team situations and play
No Full games
Dates are Sept 30th, October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Pre Club Clinics
Open to all Players from All Clubs

If your HS is over, These clinics are perfect for you........lots of touches on the ball.  
Passing Serving, Setting, Hitting, Digging..... Light game situations
Each 2 hour training session will feature a skill development segment and play designed to emphasize the skill that was drilled that day. Sessions will be divided by skill level to ensure the best training environment possible for each athlete. This is a great time to keep your touch on the ball between High School and club tryouts. This is meant for players who will be trying out for ANY club volleyball program. 

Cost Per Session
$25 per session
$80 for all 4 sessions

Sessions are located at The Courts in Beaverton 
14523 SW Millikan Way #110 Beaverton OR 97005 Phone #: 503-646-7905 

Monday, Oct 22nd 4:30-6:30 
Wednesday, October 24th 4:30-6:30 
Monday, October 29th 4:30-6:30
Wednesday, Oct 31st 4:30-6:30 

2018 Fall Youth & Junior
Rec League

OJVA volleyball is excited to announce our new Rec League! This league is designed for 3rd-8th grade participants with very little to no experience playing volleyball. Our experienced coaches will teach all athletes the basic skills and fundamentals of the game (passing, setting, hitting and serving) while also focusing on their coordination and motor skills. We want all participants to learn about the game in a fun and encouraging environment! 

This program will be 1 hour 2 days a week for 6 weeks, with one day of practice and one day of team drills and games. Our goal for this league is to have 60% of it focused on skills and drills, 40% of it will be focused on competitive drills and game play. 

All evaluations, practices and games will be held at The Courts in Beaverton.

Dates: September 18th-October 25th
Every Tuesday and Thursday
YOUTH: 4:45-5:45
JUNIOR: 5:45-6:45

Cost: $130.00

Youth Registration              Junior Registration

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Fall 2018 Junior Volleyball (7th - 8th Graders)
Training Class at The Courts in Beaverton

Class Description
This class will meet two times per week for five weeks. Each 90-minute session will cover the basics of passing, setting, hitting, and serving. Coaches will also teach the beginning concepts of teamwork and competition. Each class will include instruction, fun, and a competitive game or drill at the end.

Session Options
Mondays & Wednesdays (5 weeks) = $175(Before Sept 8th......)
After Sept 8th $195

Dates and Time
The Junior Class will be from 5:15pm until 6:45pm
The first class is on Monday, September 17th
The last class is on Wednesday, October 17th

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